“Any intelligent fool can make things  bigger and more complex.
It takes  a touch of genius – and a lot of courage  to move in the opposite direction.” 
    ~ Albert Einstein

“People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do.”
~ Isaac Asimov

  Virgin Galactic
Virgin Galactic builds a privately-funded spaceport in New Mexico

Don't Drink the Water - In third-world countries or NASA. Article by Don Cooper.


Thomas Dolby says, "She Blinded Me With Science!!"

General Systems Theory
- My Father's (Richard Ferdinand Ericson) passion was the Society for General Systems Research.  The basic idea being that the same rules apply to any systems, whether they be biological, electrical/electronic, political, religious, physics or whatever.  A fascinating study (if you have a very good dictionary handy ;)  GWU Prof, teacher at Annapolis

Just like my Daddy did!!  (lol - hardly - they lost me at trigonometry ;)
See his GWU Professor Emeritus profile
Marcel Douwe Dekker has put up a Wikipedia article about my Dad
and some more info under the General Systems heading at -

Since 1956, the Society for General Systems Research has produced a yearbook, General Systems, which collects together significant papers, often originally published in journals of a wide variety of disciplines. This is a very valuable source for the location of concepts and their definitions. (A former director of the Society, Richard Ericson, has himself prepared two tentative versions of a "Selected glossary of terms with particular reference to concepts associated with cybernetic management and information technology"). Oran Young has carried out a survey of the use of general systems concepts (General Systems, 1964, p.61-80, 239-253). In 1979 a further survey of the movement was carried out for the Society (Cavallo, 1979). The many books on general systems naturally also offer definitions of concepts. It is appropriate to ask why general systems has not been able to respond as effectively as might have been hoped to the challenges of the times. Attempts have been made to render general systems relevant to the issues raised by the global problematique (Ervin Laszlo, 1974 and R F Ericson 1979), but there has been little follow-up.

Learn more at the International Society for the Systems Sciences

Great little animated timeline showing how the
 International Space Station
has come together, as well as future plans

Articles on Science, Technology & Computing

Five myths about green energy
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Philippe Starck is tilting toward windmills - a 'rooftop windmill' which can provide 80% of the energy for your home

Sites About American Society and Our Future

The Oil Drum - Discussions about energy and our future
Universal Living Wage Campaign/House The Homeless  - An Austin-based effort for economic justice
Arcosanti - An experimental city in the high desert of Arizona
Habitat  - an experimental housing development featured at Expo '67 in Montreal
Co-Housing  - a new concept in community living

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