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Articles on Health and Fitness

Joint Pain – Would You Rather Live With It or Without It? - some herbal remedies
10 Organic Foods That Are Worth the Money - Stay away from these highly contaminated common products, says Joseph Mercola
15 Dangerous Drugs Big Pharma Shoves Down Our Throats
Walking could protect brain against shrinking, US research says - Neurologists who monitored 300 volunteers over 13 years say those who walk most could be defending themselves against memory loss
Want a Good Night's Sleep? - Then Never Do These Things Before Bed
5 Steps to Kill Hidden Bugs in Your Gut That Make You Sick - let's take a deeper look at the gut and why it may be at the root of your chronic symptoms.
5 Ways to Keep the Internet from Destroying Your Brain - These tips will help you improve your online efficiency, and reduce the stress that so often accompanies multitasking and information overload.
10 Things You (Likely) Don’t Know About Your Immune System - Open your textbooks kids, it’s time to learn
12 Medical Myths Even Most Doctors Believe… - Joseph Mercola on 12 medical myths most MDs accept.
Why Natural Health? - Because it's about staying well, not controlling symptoms with drugs, says Margaret Durst.
It's Not Just Your Gene Pool - Diet and lifestyle are the fountain of youth for a long and disease-free life
Sea Salt - An Indispensable Commodity for Uncertain Times
The James Bond Shower: A Shot of Cold Water for Health and Vitality
Witch Medicine in Mexico - Want Decent, Cheap Medical Care?  Go to Mexico, says Fred Reed.
5 Bad Things That Immediately Happen to Your Body When You Eat Sugary Junk - Sugary food tastes great going down, but the effects it has on our insides are far less appetizing.
Salud! - The More Spanish Men Drink, the Lower Their Heart Risk
Cancer in the Skies, by Becky Akers - An article which might make you want to consider the train or bus rather than flying...
Swiss Health Care Thrives Without Public Option -  Like every other country in Europe, Switzerland guarantees health care for all its citizens
10 Secrets Your Dentist Doesn't Want You To Know
Ignore Government Flu Hysteria - Just build up your body's immune-system defenses.
We Don't Need a Food Revolution, We Just Need to Learn How to Cook - A lack of technique behind the stove is, in the end, as complicit in harming human health and the environment as the confinement pig or the corn-fed steer.
Toxic Chemicals in Everyday Products: Find Out What's in the Stuff You Use - At, consumers can find over 15,000 test results on over 5,000 common items including pet products, back-to-school items, children's toys, and cars.
Anti-Viral, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant Powerhouse - Olive leaf
'Functional fitness' is fun, easy
Reverse Aging: Easier Than You Think - A landmark experiment suggests reverse aging needn't be relegated to the realm of science fiction
Beware of 'Medical Imaging' - It's Over-Prescribed, Very Expensive and Dangerous to Your Health
Beer could stop bones going brittle - finally, the excuse you've always needed ;)
The Obama Needle Stick - Government Flu Vaccine Gives Its Victims a Deadly Nerve Disease
It Turned My Children into Hallucinating, Sobbing Wrecks - Tamiflu
Americans Are Vitamin C Deficient - With horrific health consequences, says Bill Sardi.
Ten Things You're Not Supposed to Know about the Swine Flu Vaccine
Coffee: Our #1 Source of Antioxidants
Mercury Contamination Found in High Fructose Corn Syrup - Even More Problematic Than You Thought
Big Pharma Bribes Doctors to Hook Your Kids on Drugs - Americans must start to question the legitimacy of the exploitative pharmaceutical-industrial complex and the predatory people atop them.
Peanut butter 'wards off heart disease', say scientists
Birth Control Chemical in Drinking Water
Drinking from Plastic Bottles 'Increases Exposure to Gender-Bending Chemical'
The Pause That Paralyzes - Excess Cola Consumption Can Cause Muscle Weakness and Worse
No More Cooking - The Raw Food Diet and a way to good health
Why You Should Get More Sleep - Our commenters discuss a recent article on the negative effects of sleep deprivation.
The Starch Solution - A switch back to the kind of diet followed by most people who have ever walked this earth would have enormous and widespread benefits
Grow your own drugs: a medicine cabinet in your garden - Botanist James Wong raids the flowerbeds for cures to everyday ailments from coughs to eczema
Aspirin Once a YEAR 'Cuts Stomach Cancer Risk' by a Third, Promising New Study Shows
Plums are new super-food and full of disease-fighting antioxidants, says experts
Insulin May Protect Against Alzheimer's - In lab study, diabetes treatments are found to slow damage
Mercury in High-Fructose Corn Syrup? - Researchers Say 17 Products Tested Had Some Mercury; Industry Group Says Syrup Is Safe
Dreaming of a good night's sleep: Unravelling the insomnia 'cures' to find the best way to nod off
Health for hard times - A recession is good for our health, argues a current study making the media rounds. It needs a second opinion.
Don't go breaking your heart: How to keep your's ticking
Put On A Smile, Happiness Truly Is Contagious! - Researchers from the US have come out and confirmed that happiness truly is contagious, as it has the ability to spread among people, almost like a virus.
It Was a Bad Week for Modern Medicine - So National Institutes of Health Launches 'Inquisition' Into Use Of Dietary Supplements and Alternative Therapies
Ex-surgeon Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. espouses a noninvasive cure for heart disease
Meditation May Protect Your Brain - Research is confirming the medicinal effects that advocates have long claimed for meditation
Get your antioxidants from the grocer - New research adds to the growing evidence that some supplements are worthless at fighting disease
Radioactive Beer Kegs Menace Public, Boost Costs for Recyclers - if you can't trust your beer keg, then the terrorists have truely won
25 Ailments That Can Be Cured By Having Sex
How to live to 114 (in theory) - Doctors can now tell us which habits may extend our lives – and just how much extra time they give us
Health Buzz: Incense Linked to Cancer - Sure, that incense smells nice, but what's it doing to your body?
The good news about coffee - Once, we were advised to cut out caffeine. But the latest research shows a daily cup could be a lifesaver
No Wonder Our Hospitals Are a Disaster -- People with Marketing Degrees Are Running Them
Broccoli may undo diabetes damage - Eating broccoli could reverse the damage caused by diabetes to heart blood vessels, research suggests
Bottled Water: The Height of Stupidity - Bottled water is a joke, one of the biggest consumer and taxpayer ripoffs ever
Coffee's Contradictions - Sorting out its myths and benefits
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